Monday, September 29, 2008

Veal Condo After Pictures

We secured a renter yesterday!! A BIG THANK YOU from the Veals!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thursday October 2nd

This Thursday is the first Thursday, which means food! It is the Pouli turn to pick, so we pick Chick and Ruth's Deli on Main Street in downtown Annapolis and then Annapolis Ice Cream for dessert.

If you've never been to Chick and Ruth's, it's really easy to get to. Basically, go downtown and park either on Main Street, or in the parking garage off Main get to Main Street from the Severna Park area, take Rt 2 South towards Rt 50...when Rt 2 meets Rt 50, follow signs for 450 south. Follow 450 south, over the Naval Academy Bridge and turn left onto King George Street (I think it's King George, but I know it's the 2nd stoplight). Follow this street all the way to it's end at the Naval Academy entrance and turn right. Go 3 blocks and at the traffic circle, take the first right and you're on Main Street. The turn to the parking garage is right before Ben and Jerrys. When you leave the parking garage, walk to the right behind the buildings, then make your first right...Chick and Ruths is on the corner...the outside of the building is if you get lost.

Last Thursday, Mike and Georgia and Nick and Leniza joined us for the first time, so we spent most of the night chatting and never got to part 3 of the video...So, the 3-part series that's taking us 6 weeks to get through will resume (finally) on 10/9.

No one is on the schedule for snacks for 10/9 (taking volunteers) and The Longs are on for 10/16.

See you all on Thursday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sports Equipment Collection

Thanks to Jason and Di who spent time on Saturday volunteering at a sports equipment collection drive at Severna Park Highschool. Steve Anstett was coordinating this event and sent the following note following the event:

"We had a very successful drive and Jason and Diane were big helps! We collected a UHaul truckload of sporting equipment and a vanload of musical instruments. We were based in the High School parking lot andwere there from 8 am-3 pm. At the end of the collections 6 of us took the truck of sporting goods and delivered them to the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Baltimore. We brought the entire truck to the one location and they will distribute the items to the other B & G Clubs in the Baltimore network. What a wonderful program they have at this location and a leader with a ton of energy! They were very appreciative of the donations.

This morning, I brought the van load of musical instruments to Tyler Heights Elementary School. In addition to the instruments we had someplayground equipment (jump ropes, basketballs, hula hoops, etc). "

A Small Group Serves

Attached are some photos from last Thursday at the Veal's condo. We were able to do all of the prep work for painting, etc., that night, and even began a little priming. Apparently, even all of the prep work couldn't prevent a 9 hour day on Saturday to finish the job. Thanks to all those who helped out - even the Longs who somehow avoided being in a photo :)